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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Arts and crafts: Ideas for a romantic bedroom

In creating a romantic atmosphere in a bedroom, it is a good idea to first determine what to you, defines romance. For some, it may be a special place where you have spent a romantic evening with the significant other in your life. For another, it may be a color scheme or scent that brings about romantic feelings associated with a special event. Whatever the case, the object should be to create an atmosphere of togetherness from something you both enjoy and find inviting.

Perhaps you could re-create that island getaway from your first honeymoon. Be sure to include a candle with that sea spray scent. Or there may be that special little place on the lake where the two of you take a fishing trip together just to get away from it all. In this case, a log cabin feel may be more appropriate. This is also a great choice if you happen to have the luxury of a fireplace or wood burning stove in the bedroom. It could even be that the most romantic time you have had with a significant other is a simple, quiet walk, hand in hand through the woods. Then how about natural dried flower arrangements with a pine scented candle?

The aforementioned are some general ideas to get the romantic decorating vibes flowing. However, unless you can afford a yearly total bedroom makeover, you may not want to be committed to a specific theme that can become boring after a while. Or you may not have a specific event or occasion that would really fit into decorating a bedroom. In that case, below are some more detailed ideas that can create a romantic atmosphere for virtually anyone.


She likes girlie, he likes masculine. Or sometimes it is the other way around. No problem. There are many colors to suit both genders that when combined give off an aura of romance. Think roses and chocolate. Perhaps soft pink or mauve roses on a rich brown background. Or a pattern of mixed mauve and brown in a comforter with a nearby brown vase filled with soft pink roses. This color coordination is particularly attractive when presenting the brown in a soft sueded microfiber.

Wine and steel can be an intriguing combination that appeals to both the feminine and masculine sides. Light gray is an excellent background for deep purple accents. Or perhaps a softer solid purple comforter with gray silk sheets.

Is his favorite color really black? No need to panic! Black can be the perfect solution to offsetting that hard to match color of your preference. Just use it in moderation so as not to create the look.


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