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Thursday, November 12, 2009

COBE and Transform to Design New Copenhagen Culture House + Library

In the competition to design a new Culture House and Library in Copenhagen, a collaborated design by Danish architects COBE and Transform has been awarded the first prize.

This is how the architects describe their project:

The Northwest area of Copenhagen is located in the diverse and lively transition zone between the dense urban Nørrebro area and the villa neighborhoods at the edge of the city. Even though many people live and work in the multi-ethnic Northwest Copenhagen, the area is by many Copenhageners mainly passed through going in and out of the city by car. The reason for this is the area’s vicinity to numerous entry roads as well as the lack of cultural facilities and recreational areas.


The new Culture House + Library is composed of several elements: Rethinking and modernization of an existing culture house, a merger of two newer libraries, and the addition of a new culture hall, together forming an enormous potential as a new Culture House for the whole area.

This can make up the significant and attractive cultural institution which the neighborhood lacks today, creating a strong sense of community. The new Culture House + Library can be the missing link for the Northwest area, and will be placed centrally in the neighborhood’s and the people’s awareness. The house must prove itself functionally and be emphasized visually as a house growing out of the rough urbanity of the area – possibly starting up a necessary dialogue between the new and old in the neighborhood.

Urban passage

The building has two entrances. One from the north and one from the south, making the foyer act as an urban passage for the neighbourhood. For everyone it is possible and legitimate to walk through the building without any errands, and more people will feel inspired to spending time in the building. The passage is a simple gesture of how open the Culture house will be towards the city and its citizens. The building is fundamentally based on democratic principles: open, accessible and transparent. The building is designed to include and welcome all, and act as a platform for dialogue.


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