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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home Improvement With Minimalist Style

If you're trying to find just the right look for a small space, try home improvements with the minimalist look in mind where the focus is on less over more. Minimalist style is a simplistic style where you basically have only a few pieces of accents without a lot of color.

Now minimalism doesn't mean boring. On the contrary, it can be very much the modern way to go or it can be retro.

Born out of the post World War II Minimalist Movement in some other art forms, the minimalist style is for those who are said to see their homes as they would see an oasis of order amidst a world of chaos and clutter. However, note that Minimalist decorating is not basics, stripped down. It just means that there will be a purpose for each item you choose.

And with Minimalist home improvements, there will be an overall good feel in the area with orderliness, clean cut lines, order, no waste needless frivolous adornments.

This means:

- No powerful bursts of color.
- Wall colors are generally white based cool greens, teals and coral.
- Space-making effect with light on smooth white walls.
- Absence of textured relief.
- Architectural features are visible
- Objects used in decoration will be the central focus.

Most minimalist fabrics are sleek, smooth and soft to the touch. Forget about fabric window treatments or windows trimmed out. Preferred are 90 degree plastered corner beads and wood flooring is butt joined plank, flawlessly smooth and shiny.

Base moldings are linear, used for the function of covering the wall to floor gap, not for the purpose of being noticed for its profile design. Kitchen cabinetry is lacquered to a super high shine and topped with polished granite.

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