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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Innovative Bathroom Accessories - Set Ideas

A bathroom accessories set highlights the ambiance and theme of the bathroom. Therefore it is essential to choose the bathroom accessories set wisely. You need not stick to the conventional classic bathroom accessories. Look for something different and fun to add pizazz and color to your bathroom.

While shopping for a bathroom accessories set, you can find several trendy, stylish and even funky ones. Choose a bathroom accessories set which matches your personality and the theme of the bathroom.

Fixtures like door knobs; handles etc are the main highlights of the bathroom. Choose fixtures which complement the bathroom décor. For instance, if you wish to give an ultramodern look to the bathroom, go in for chrome or stainless steel fixtures. If a luxurious look is what you need, you can go in for gold plated fixtures.

Bath tubs, shower cubicles etc come in all kinds of models these days. There are round ones, oval shaped ones, colorful ones, cubicles in stained glass and more. You can add color and design to your bathroom by going in for something apart from the ordinary.

Even the toilets you choose for your bathroom make a volume of difference to the décor. You can choose regular ones or go in for wall mounted toilets which look functional and stylish. You can even find toilets in different colors, shapes and themes.

Shower curtains and wall decals can also be chosen to complement the theme of the room. An ocean themed bathroom will look good with decals in the shape of fish or shells along the base of the wall. Couple this with an ocean patterned curtain to get the right look.

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