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Sunday, November 15, 2009

New frontier in classical design for the kitchen of the third millennium.

Absolute Classic by Scavolini

Designed by Gianni Pareschi, Absolute Classic is the new top-range “classy classic”, inspired by a pleasure in details, a resurgent trend once again dominating international interior design.
With an astonishing wealth of solutions and details, ready to become the undisputed star of the domestic scene, Absolute Classic is the perfect choice for those who like their furniture to have a strong personality, capable of satisfying a desire for beauty, providing the ideal stage for expressing their owner's taste by creating unique, exclusive ambiences.
Absolute Classic is a broad programme capable of satisfying many different stylistic demands .. an exclusive kitchen, with a thousand faces, because the worlds in which classical style is expressed are diverse, although similar. Absolute Classic encapsulates the essence of the classic in three different stylistic identities.


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