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Sunday, November 8, 2009

new furniture design minimalis

furniture design

Could your home use a makeover? Many people go for subtle changes when they redo their décor, but others make bold choices to breathe new life into their furnishings. When it’s time to replace your old furniture, why not choose a more modern look? Here are some furniture design ideas that will help modernize any room in your house.
Modern furniture design places an emphasis on simplicity. But rather than creating a bland interior in solid shades of black and white, a well-done modern room incorporates striking splashes of color to contrast with the minimalist surroundings. For example, when you revamp the furniture design in your dining room, you could choose a modern black lacquered table for your centerpiece. To offset the dark presence of the table, hang a geometrical white lamp over it. Place a white rug with scarlet accents beneath the table. A foursome of bright scarlet chairs would tie everything together.
Modern bedroom furniture design follows similar guidelines. If your space is limited, choose armless chairs and chaise lounges rather than full-sized chairs and couches. Rather than placing a bulky bookshelf in the room, follow the example of the early Danish furniture design masters and build a shelving unit onto the wall. Paint it the same color as the wall, or use a starkly contrasting color against a white wall. Sheer curtains with bold prints look great when paired with a room full of modern furniture. The more natural light they let in, the larger the room will appear. Choose a sheet and pillow set that complements or even matches the curtains, and you’ll have a lovely focal point for you and your guests to admire.
No matter which room you decide to redecorate, remember that modern furniture design emphasizes simple sturdiness and functionality. Metals and plastics are fashioned into pieces with smooth lines and eye-catching curves. Pair these furnishings with vivid fabrics and patterns, but don’t make the room so busy that its artistic simplicity is lost. Buy only the pieces you need for convenient living, and show them off with coordinating accents.
Don’t forget that lighting is an important part of interior design. Ambient light and some strategically placed reflective surfaces can add to a room’s perceived size. Use mood lighting or even colored lighting to dramatically enhance the look of your furniture. Good lighting will draw guests’ eyes to your room’s best assets.
Above all else, be original. Put a little of yourself into your furniture design. If you favor whimsical pieces, choose tables and chairs in playful shapes. If you prefer the dark and brooding look, go for large pieces fashioned from dark woods or metals. Inspiration is everywhere. Some of the old furniture design masters took their inspiration from sources as diverse as the natural fluidity of water and the American Shaker community. Others believed that metal was as natural a material as any wood or stone.
Originality and functionality were the unifying characteristics common to all modern furniture design. Incorporate these traits into your own home for maximum enjoyment.


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