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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scavolini--The "Best Seller" kitchen from Italy.

Scavolini was founded in Italy in 1961. It is the top Italian kitchen manufacturer with over 1000 Scavolini sales centers in Italy and 250 Scavolini stores in foreign countries.Scavolini exports Italian kitchens to over 50 countries worldwide. The photos shows the new Crystal kitchen in all glass, featuring glass doors and tops available in 12 non-transparent colours. Scavolini offers cabinets in various materials. Lacquered doors normally consist of a medium density fibre board (MDF) panel finished with polyester or polyurethane lacquers. The lacquered finish may be mat or gloss and normally continues in every surface of the panel, without interruption. Another is: High Pressure Laminates These doors consist of a particle board panel covered with HPL laminate. This finishing material consists of a series of sheets impregnated with phenol or melamine resins and a sheet of decorative material. These layers are glued together using high pressure and heat. The resulting finishing material is about 1 mm thick. It has excellent technical characteristics and is tough and easy to keep clean. In common parlance it is often known as "formica". It can be curved at the edges to allow application of an unbroken finish to the two edges of the panel, while a different material can be used for the other edges if preferred. Scavolini offers both solid wood and veneered wood cabinet fronts.


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