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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sustainable new Design

Sustainable is the new Design

In addition to blogging here, for the last few weeks I've also been blogging over at H20Visions, a website sponsored by Kohler with a focus on smart sustainable design. The picture above is from my favorite post so far Convert Your Pool To A Natural Swimming Pond and features an installation created by the UK's Clear Water Revival (worth a visit just for the soundtrack). For me it's an example of how sustainable is now transcending the word "sustainable" and moving into the mainstream with design that now simply appears and functions like any great design, on par or often superior to anything that would kill the planet. We've reached the tipping point; sustainable is now the new design. Here at MoCo Loco we will continue to show all design and we're going to continue to call it just design. But with an expectation and often the knowledge that the designers we present will have at least tried to create products that use less energy, be less expensive to produce, distribute and operate, leave a small footprint and are ultimately in sync with the planet.

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We’ve just gone off on a tangent about the politics of celebritecture and Brad Pitt’s involvement in designing housing for New Orleans, but now we’d like to get back to the most important thing about the Global Green archiecture competition


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