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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Colorful Country Home Interior Design By Karim Rashid

Colorful Country Home – Exterior Design

Colorful Country Home- Office Space Design

Colorful Country Home-Living Room Design

Colorful Country Home – Dining Room Design

Colorful Country Home – Stylish Bedroom Design

Shown below is the beautiful simple yet attractive country house interior design by designer Karim Rashid. It is a techbuilt house and is designed with a lot of colorful and lively interiors. Karim is a European designer and is known for building such colorful interiors. There are no multiple floors instead it is built on a radical concept with just a basement and an attic on a single poured concrete slab. The window structure is such that it can be placed anywhere in the grid of panels so that the owner can have his choice for site specific view, sunlight and ventilation. The furnishings and designs fuse perfectly with the primary color schemes.


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