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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Exotic Upholstered beds

The skill of the carpeting will bring him a vaporous and surrounding sensation. According to the textile selected to upholster our bed, the resultant style will change very much. From the most classic bedrooms, happening for modern and functional ambiences or even style rooms naif.

The textile chosen in this first bedroom is white, with a soft texture that brings him a sheen that is precisely who dials the style up. A classic and elegant bedroom.

. But if we are more a little more bold or lover of some concrete color, we can carry out fashion designs as that of the photo, in which the color mustard is a proprietor and master of the bedroom. Here not only it is the bed the one that has been upholstered, but this skill has been used in each of the elements that compose the bedroom.

The same textile was even used for the dressmaking of the bed clothes. The result is that of a comfortable, bold and modern bedroom. And also, functional, here, there is no danger suddenly with the corners

But if what we search is a luxurious, glamorous, sophisticated, contemporary bedroom … we will obtain it with a textile like that of the photo. Golden skin to which also the seams bring him a plot that brings him texture.


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