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Friday, December 4, 2009

Girl's Bedroom Accessories

Decorating rooms for little girls is quite a pleasurable activity. It is a nest for daydreaming, spinning tales of wonder, study, play with dolls, sleep and even do a little makeup and spend time gazing at the mirror for all those imagined-up pimples! Here are some super ideas to transform the room of your place a paradise for fairies:

Girl Bedroom Decoration Tips
  • Girls, whether small, teenaged or those turning into young women, tend to be more creative than boys and love to have a say in the decoration of your room. So, ask your girl to make a list of her favorite toys or characters that she would like to incorporate as a theme of her room.
  • Use her favorite colors to paint the walls of the room, as accents, accessories or linens and curtains.
  • Girls love to recycle the products and to use them into new creative innovative ways. Mirror attached to the dresser formerly can be put directly on the wall. The knobs, pulls of the dressers and armoires can be changed while posters can be changed for an instant new look.
  • Bold backgrounds with bulletin boards, where the girls can paste magazine cutouts, hand-made greeting cards or their own paintings and drawings, are often loved by them and encourage creativity in them.
  • New linens, bedsheets and duvet covers matching the theme of the room featuring fairies, Christmas colors, wedding bells or even garden elves are a warm change too. Let the girls paint the matching valances for their windows.
  • The choice and taste of a growing child and girls change quickly. So it is advisable to use the hand painted murals, cheaper options for carpets and rug areas, wall stick ups, framed arts, posters and accent rugs that can be easily changed and are budget-friendly.
  • Accent pillows and throws, hanging wall tapestry and cheap window treatments and area rugs can be used for introducing variety in color and texture.
  • Don't forget to provide plenty of storage area in the dressing table and a full-length mirror to organize their cosmetics, jewellery pieces, hairpins, combs and other accessories.


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