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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Green Home Remodeling Ideas

Many people today are considering how the impact of their home or office remodeling idea will impact the environment. More often people want to create eco-friendly environments but lack the knowledge. Here are ten easily accomplished home remodeling ideas which will provide an energy efficient eco-friendly home for your enjoyment.

Reclaimed Building Products

If you are replacing parts of the home, one remodeling idea from the “green” list is to reuse reclaimed building materials. Flooring – wood from demolished buildings can often be reused for flooring, especially hardwoods. Insulation and Drywall – there are many companies today which concentrate on reclaiming insulation and usable drywall and panels from various resources. This can be a more affordable option if you are on a tight budget

Energy Star Products

Another home remodeling idea which is perfect for the bathroom are EnergyStar rated products. These products can save hundreds on energy costs and gallons of water. Some of these products include: – Water saving faucets – Low-water toilets – Energy-efficient shower heads – Water heater covers

Local Foliage

One of the many home remodeling ideas often overlooked is simple landscaping. Using local plants will often save on water and maintenance time. If you take time to look for local foliage you can often times find something which is already suited to the climate and soil around your home.

Non-Toxic Paints And Finishes

Another “green” home remodeling idea is to use paint and finishes which are free of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). These will reduce any dangerous fumes or chemicals being released into the air you breath.

Buying Local

Of the many home remodeling ideas, many people do not consider the cost of buying locally as opposed to having it brought in. Local building supplies can not only save in fuel costs being passed on, but also support a local economy.

Energy Saving Windows New energy saving windows will do many things for the homeowner: – Reduce heating and cooling costs – Pay for themselves in a short span of years – Provide easier cleaning and upkeep for the homeowner Using this home remodeling idea is one way of regaining the cost of remodeling without really trying.

Alternative Power

Alternative power sources can be a handy home remodeling idea, especially for people living in the country. – Solar power – roof top solar panels are becoming more and more available and affordable – Wind turbines – this option is easily a good idea if you live in an out of the way area – Wood – using wood pellets or logs part-time to heat your home can really cut down on fuel costs – Bio-fuels – corn, reused oils and other biofuels are beginning to prove effective in home heating.

Education About Eco-friendly Products

Many people who opt for eco-friendly products become disappointed when the products don’t provide the same standard as products they once used. You should research the products before buying them to know about things such as shelf life and care. With these “green” ideas you can easily take your home remodeling ide.


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