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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Modern interior design house building

modern building

modern interior

Modern design of a room a great effect on your productivity and daily activities.
For the room of your home, there are 5 modern interior design tips that you need to consider, including:

Do not fill the house with lots of decorations. "Asesories" the most important in the design of the building is your home, your family and friends. Choose good quality furniture that supports a sense of comfort, function, beauty and emotional aspects that will be built.

Create a space that supports your emotional beings as well as productive. Determine the activity in space and choose the details that support. For example, gray soft for office / study will support the creative process in writing.

Give respect to your great family. Give a corner house with architectural detail that shows the design of your ties to the tradition.

Take the "nature" into the interior design. People in general have connected with the natural instincts. Fresh plants, which can be enjoyed in / out of the house will create freshness.

Tambahkankan personal touch and your creativity. Photo of your shots. The results of your painting. Just what the results of your design creativity.


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