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Monday, December 21, 2009

Pride of Modular Kitchens - Kitchen Worktops

Market is flooded with a huge range of kitchen worktops. With so many different materials out there, deciding on what to use can be a tough call. It can be baffling if you do not have necessary details and knowledge about them. In the following passages you would find some of the most commonly used materials that are used in kitchen as worktops.

Something which is growing high on fashion is granite. Though a little expensive but when buying slabs of stone for kitchen you just cannot compromise on quality. And this is exactly what this amazing material has in aplomb. Its biggest advantage is strength, though hardly can anyone rate it down on looks an beauty. They are composite stones that have become available since manufacturing techniques have been improved. They are extremely attractive, glittering and have a vivacious appeal.

Natural stone is another option which you can use as kitchen worktops. Then you have wood, which you can consider for worktops because of their durability and beauty. In addition to these you have laminate worktops, which are water proof worktops available in matte, gloss and satin finish. They are perfect for kitchen applications as they are heat resistant. They come in variant shades and colours which you can choose depending on the overall look of the place Then there are synthetic worktops, which is another advanced version of new age kitchen worktops. Corian, quartz, staron are some popular synthetic worktops.

While you use these Kitchen worktops, there are some maintenance issues you should know that stone has few maintenance issues; wood requires a dedicated effort to keep it in its best look. You can clean other stone worktops with a simple liquid cleaning solution and a soft muslin cloth.

With such a vast market of kitchen worktop the ultimate decision lies on you and the choice is yours but remember that quality is essential for elegant work surfaces and you are going to love using them for a long time.

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