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Monday, December 21, 2009

Wardrobe Cabinet Style

For those who have a lot of clothes best suited to being hung and not a lot of closet space, a wardrobe cabinet may be the solution you need. A marriage between a dresser and a cabinet, a wardrobe cabinet provides all of the space you need for your hung clothes, while also giving you room for folding jeans and other articles of clothing. Many wardrobe cabinets also give shelving space for trinkets and other items in addition to drawer space.

Depending on the type of wardrobe cabinet, there may only be shelving space and no actual drawers. This is not uncommon, as many people prefer this style for their wardrobe cabinet. When you are shopping for your cabinet, you will want to check the inside of the cabinet to find out how much hanging space is available versus drawer and shelf space.

Once you have settled on the basic style of your wardrobe cabinet, you will need to pick the materials your cabinet is made of. Many people prefer true hardwood for their wardrobe cabinet as many other styles with veneers run risk of paint peeling, which can damage your clothing. Many wardrobe cabinets will use hardwood with stain due to this, so that there is no risk of peeling or transfer of paint to the clothing. Common wood types used in these cabinets include maple, cherry and oak. Pine is also available. If you want a more unique tone, you can acquire hardwood with richer stains to give the color that you desire.

After you have picked the material for your wardrobe cabinet, you will want to begin finding the right cabinet for you. As you have decided on the material, you will be able to cut out a lot of the time searching, as you can browse only through the material types you want. This will go far in ensuring that you get the right cabinet. Before you purchase a cabinet you have selected, you will want to confirm that the cabinet fits in the area you have for it. Measure your room prior to buying to prevent having to return your newly acquired cabinet.

If you are having a difficult time selecting an already built cabinet, you can purchase a kit to make your own wardrobe cabinet. Already built cabinets and kits for wardrobe cabinets are both available online and can be shipped directly to your home.


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