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Friday, December 11, 2009

Best Bathroom remodeling project

Remodeling a bathroom is not the same as a bedroom. In the case of the latter, one may move a cupboard here or push back a wall there without much strain. With bathrooms one is not dealing with visible elements but with underlying structure of plumbing and electrical system.The layout changes in a bathroom such as switching the toilet or the shower could cost a fortune. These have to be weighed and considered carefully before embarking on the job. A general timetable for bathroom remodeling should come in handy if one is planning in terms of structuralchanges and surface alterations.

Plumbing drives up bathroom remodeling costs. The issue of providing hot water to the new sink location is another issue. The next issue is moving the toilet drain/vent system and its wastewater system.
The chances of moisture levels in a bathroom could be quite high. One may have to replace drywall. In most bathrooms, special moisture resistant drywall commonly known as 'green board' is used. In wet areas such as showers and baths, it is preferable to use moisture-proof backer board. But if wall stud and joists are rusted, they either need to be sistered or completely replaced.

The heart of the bathroom is its shower, tub or a combination of the two. Many think of remodeling a bathroom only for this purpose. In case of a few cracks in the tub, it would be possible to self-repair with acrylic or fiberglass which is quite economical. If the case is beyond a repair or refinishing, it is possible to install a bathtub liner, a sort of overcoat for the icky tub. The only other option would be to build a tiled shower if other methods are ineffective.

Some prefer installation of a pre fabricated acrylic or fiberglass shower tub which needs no on-site building as these units are fabricated in the factory. While buying them ensure that one does not buy a unit too big to fit through the doorways.

Bathroom flooring options should be carefully dealt with as moisture is the main culprit here. Ceramic tiles are perennial favorites but laminated flooring and engineered flooring are also good enough. Hardwood flooring does not tolerate moisture well and these need to be avoided. Porcelain tile or stone tiles have replaced lame linoleum and glazed tiles of yesteryears. Glass tile is also gaining in popularity.


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