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Friday, December 11, 2009

Best Bathroom remodeling tips

Additional storage is a big need in bathroom remodeling; big deep drawers which work well in kitchens do not look good in bathrooms. Small drawers with dividers should be used. Vertical storage is fast catching up in bathrooms as these work well while saving space.For those who prefer a traditional look, built-ins such as recessed soap dished, medicine cabinets and toilet roll holders can be adopted.

White to cream color palette tend to make the bathroom appear bigger. A dimmer switch adds mood to the bathroom. It should be perfect for late night relaxing baths. However, it is recommended to fix additional lighting behind the bathroom mirror so that faces and hair are more clearly visible in an otherwise dull lit room.

In case there is extra space available in the bathroom, it would be ideal to use free standing decorative pieces such as a chair or cupboard as a design element. The decorative piece can also double up for practical use to place a towel, soap or other small items.

The surface area of a bathroom is added by using hooks. These can be used to hang clothes, bathrobes and towels. Experts recommend that the toilet be positioned ninety degrees to the door and several feet away from the door. However, feng shui tip is never to have a toilet positioned facing the door. Privatization of the toilet is preferred by most home owners.

Mirrors in the bathroom add up to the design elements, expanding the room visually and adding light to the bathroom. In addition, they also serve the purpose of checking makeup or doing up hair.

Bead boards render an antique look to the room and also protect the lower section of the walls from inevitable splashes of water from the tub or the shower. And a good coat of oil based paint ensures that the bead board is impervious to moisture as well.


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